The MAXSPEED 8 is the EMS Device for a comprehensive EMS training. It leaves nothing to be desired. With the MAXSPEED 8 both static and as well as highly dynamic Trainingngs units possible. You can train classically with cable and also modern wireless. The capacity of a studio can be easily doubled by the possibility to train 2 exercisers with one MAXSPEED 8.

The device is equipped with 15 Training programs equipped. The device allows training according to the currently valid DIN standards.



With the MAXSPEED 8 you get a full-grown EMS Ger device. It has a variety of features that simplify and streamline the daily routine in EMS studios. These include the locking function of the device, the automatic upward adjustment of the intensity values when using a customer RFID card, the Linking of the device with the requirements of a NiSV (Radiation Protection Ordinance) compliant training documentation and last but not least the possibility to perform independent trainings with 2 trainees at the same time on a single MAXSPEED 8. For this purpose, the MAXSPEED 8 serves as a base station for 2 MAXSPEED 8.1 Wireless Boxes.

Furthermore the intuitive operation and the clear operating elements mentioned. This includes the equipment with a rechargeable battery for trouble-free operation – everywhere, the set-up options from a table base to a massive stand to the flexible connection to all available wall mounts with VESA receptacle.

15 Programs

3x Muscle building

2x muscle toning

3x Strength endurance

2x Maximum force

1x skin tightening

2x Relax

2x Cardio

Power supply unit

230V mains voltage and battery

Effective current

28 mA RMS

Effective voltage

12.8 V RMS

Degree of protection

IP 52


Color display TFT 7″


8 simultaneously & separately controllable ranges (16 electrode)




VESA compatible connector

Table stand

Device stand for studio operation









RFID cards (loyalty card)

Wireless communication with MAXSPEED 8.1 (wireless training box)

Wireless communication with MAXSPEED 8.2 (wireless training screen)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Training programs

15 different training programs. In detail: 2x muscle toning, 3x strength endurance, 2x maximum strength, 3x muscle building, 1x skin tightening, 2x relax, 2x cardio

Number of operable body parts

8 areas simultaneously controllable


RFID (chip cards for storing training data)