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Repairs – EMS devices

In case of problems with your EMS device, our partner Entwicklung - Produktion HV Plückhahn UG (haftungsbeschränkt) will help you. All types of EMS equipment are repaired.

HV Plückhahn UG

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Defective rotary switch

The rotary switches or potentiometers on many EMS devices are only soldered onto the circuit board. When they come loose, the electrical connection is always interrupted at the same time.

Actually a total loss, since the circuit board itself is also damaged in the process.

We can repair this damage - without having to replace the circuit board. The affected device can continue to provide service for a long time.

Drehschalter kaputt

Defective connector SUB-D 25 pin

Cracked pins, torn threaded bushings, worn out sockets, worn out hooks - we replace the connector and wobbly contacts and dropouts are no longer a problem.

Pay attention to perfect connections. They are essential for safe training.


Defective connection cable / connection cable


Connection cables have the very important task of transmitting the EMS signals to the electrodes. All contact interruptions, loose contacts and cable breaks interfere with a good workout. If the connectors are damaged, it is worth repairing by replacing the respective connector. It is also possible to replace the retaining clips.

A cable break in the cable actually always requires the complete replacement of the connection cable. On the one hand, the break cannot be localized in a meaningful way and on the other hand, the wear condition of the other cable strands is similar to that of the broken strand. Further failures are inevitable.

Conversion to wall mount

Need a smart mount for your EMS device? Want to get away from bulky stands?

We provide your EMS device with an adapter so that you can combine it with any standard wall / table or stand mount for monitor or TV devices (so-called VESA mount).

This opens up completely new design possibilities for your EMS studio.


EMS Gerät Wandhalter

Display exchange

Defektes Display tauschen

The display of your EMS device has imperfections or color defects? No manufacturer uses exclusive displays.

We will replace the defective display with an original display if possible or, if that is not possible, with a suitable replacement display.