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Repairs – EMS electrodes

Our partner, the EMS repair service from Essen, can help you with the following problems:

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Defective Velcro

If the Velcro no longer holds, only a replacement will help.

We always swap fleece and velcro. We do not use micro Velcro. This one is unsuitable. As a replacement, we use only industrial grade Velcro. This is more stable and has a higher holding force.

Neues Elektrodenmaterial für EMS Elektroden

Defective electrode material

Neuer Klett

If the electrode material, including conductive material, is interrupted or the contact to the push button is broken, the electrode material must be replaced.

Patching electrode material has not proven to be practical. Therefore, after opening the electrodes, we always replace the conductive material and the carrier material completely.

After that, the arm, leg strap or vest is electrically like new.

Defective electrode array (vests etc.)

If the vest or the belt is torn, it is necessary to decide whether the material is useful to patch. If this is not the case, please check our store. Please note that a crack usually happens only when the material is beautifully weakened by use. The costs must therefore be set in relation to the expected remaining useful life.

If repair is possible, a relieving patch is usually placed. The important thing here is that the electrode still looks good.

Close consultation with you is necessary here.


Elektrodenweste wie neu

Defective zippers

Defective zippers are always completely replaced. We work with quality zippers. The exchange of the zippers is usually not seen afterwards. So the appearance of the vest is not affected.

Defective plastic connectors

Defekter D Ring Aufnahme

If snappers, tensioners, D-rings or other plastic accessories are defective, they will be exchanged for new ones. The fastening loops are always replaced with new ones. As a rule, the new material is more durable than the original.

Defective connection cable / connection cable

Connecting cable is usually only useful to repair if the error is limited to one connector. If 2 plugs have to be replaced, a new connection cable is always cheaper. If you need a new connection cable, you can order it in our store.

EMS Elektrode D-Ring neu

Defective wiring harnesses

Austausch Snap-ons

If the wiring of the electrodes is defective, it is easy to repair.

The replacement of connector plugs or even push button caps are no problem.

To locate the contact problem, we use a contact tester specifically for wire harnesses.


Try the cable tester. You can also get it in our store. Also very helpful to get the SnapOn to the right electrode.