EMS arm electrodes


MAXSPEED arm electrode pair for EMS training with MAXSPEED 6, MAXSPEED 8, MAXSPEED 8.1 and comparable EMS devices.

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The arm electrodes are characterized by an excellent fit and perfect handling. They are to be put on and tightened with one hand. For this purpose, they have a simple and effective belt guide. They consist of a pair of electrodes that can transmit an optimal training stimulus to the arm muscles. With the help of the strap guide, the electrodes automatically press against the optimal surface and ensure a perfect fit even in an active workout.

The arm electrodes consist of a stable carrier material, durable industrial grade fasteners, highly absorbent water reservoirs and perfect electrodes. The electrode material is virtually indestructible and has a lifetime guarantee.

The electrodes are easy and effective to clean in the washing machine with a mild detergent.

Please measure the specified dimensions for the selection of electrodes and then determine the correct size.

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