EMS electrodes 8 channel electrode pants


An electrode pants for professional EMS training. The 8 channel system is suitable for MAXSPEED 8 and comparable EMS devices.

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The 8 channel electrode pants are characterized by an excellent fit. It is perfect for active and dynamic training. The pairs of electrodes are formed respectively for the buttocks and legs. Where the pair of legs is once again divided into a front and a rear electrode. The electrode pants can be connected to the MAXSPEED kharness with a partial harness or directly to a harness when used together with third-party electrodes

The 8 channel electrode pants are made of a strong backing material, durable industrial grade fasteners, highly absorbent water reservoirs and perfect electrodes.

The electrodes are easy and effective to clean in the washing machine with a mild detergent.

Please measure the specified dimensions for the selection of electrodes and then determine the correct size.

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