Wiring harness

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The wiring harness is required for the connection between the EMS electrode system and the EMS device. By means of a connection cable, the electrode set is connected to the device and pulse transmission is enabled.


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The wiring harness connects the connecting cable to the electrodes. The wiring harness is located in the electrode vest. All electrodes such as arm electrodes and leg electrodes are connected from here.

The wiring harness is connected to the connecting cable by means of screw system that the connection can not loosen. This is particularly advantageous for dynamically designed EMS workouts. A simple but very reliable and proven solution.

Before ordering, please note that there are 6-channel and 8-channel harnesses.

An 8-channel wiring harness is required for MAXSPEED 8.

A 6-channel wiring harness is required for MAXSPEED 6.

A 6-channel wiring harness is required for MAXSPEED Home.

For an 8 channel electrode set with electrode pants, one cable harness pants top and one cable harness pants bottom are required.

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6 channel simple, 8 Channel for pants down, 8 Channel for pants top, 8 channel simple

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