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All about the MAXSPEED electrode system

There are two different versions of electrode sets, one is the classic one with vest, arm, leg and pogo straps and the other is an electrode set with vest, arm straps and electrode pants.

There is also a 6 and an 8 channel system, male, female and unisex electrodes. The 8 channel system can also be used very well as a replacement electrode for other EMS devices via the corresponding connector plugs of the cable harnesses.

Electrodes equipment

The features of the 8 channel system:

  1. Electrode vest with concealed cable guide
  2. Electrode connections are also concealed
  3. Tension straps for perfect fit of the chest or abdominal electrode
  4. Parking connections for arm and leg electrode cables
  5. All vests with holding points for wireless boxes
  6. Arm and leg electrodes can be closed with one hand
  7. The Velcro is industrial grade and lasts much longer than the micro Velcro.


EMS electrodes must be made of a well-balanced mix of materials due to the many different loads and requirements. MAXSPEED achieves this by modularizing the electrode design so that individual materials serve exactly one purpose, but do so perfectly. There's the breathable, quick-drying and antibacterial 3D backing material that holds it all together. All tensile forces are absorbed by industrial belt material. The tensile forces on the electrodes are absorbed by extra tensile force carriers and directed around the electrodes.

The particularly important build-up of tension and tensile forces for a perfect fit of the electrodes is also performed by belt material. Here, too, clever separation of function avoided overloading closure elements such as zippers. This ensures a long service life of the electrode sets. And that is what we want to achieve.

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